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"Treat people if they were what they ought to be and help them to become what they are capable of being" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



What is Hypnotherapy?

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.”-

Bertrand Russel; Marriage and Morals

Hypnotherapy Pretoria East

I just want to ask you one question: Have you ever been hypnotised? Maybe your answer (like most people) is No. Most people think they have never been hypnotised. Each one of us regularly experience some type of hypnosis without knowing (e.g. driving from one place to the other without remembering how you got there). The general assumption is that hypnosis is a type of sleep during which they are conscious of nothing and totally under the influence and control of the hypnotist. That is not true at all. Hypnosis is only a special state of consciousness in which certain normal human capabilities are heightened while others fade into the background. It is a normal physiological altered state of consciousness, similar to but not the same as being awake; similar to but not the same as being asleep. The experience of hypnosis can vary dramatically from one person to another. Some individuals who experienced hypnosis report feeling a sense of detachment or extreme relaxation during the hypnotic state. Others even feel that their actions seem to occur outside of their conscious volition. And others may remain fully aware and able to carry out conversations while under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful instrument to healing, growth and transformation. It works through a creative ability to create new learning opportunities in the body and mind. It can be done with great efficiency and almost effortlessly. It can help us with the knowledge and energy necessary to be successful in life and to help us to build new beliefs and to focus attention.

Medical Hypnoanalysis is based on a combination of the principles used in Traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy and in medical treatment. The name might be misleading, creating the impression that it is only directed at treating physical problems (like high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.) However it refers to a model that uses the same principles that are used in medicine to treat psychological problems (which may sometimes also manifest as physical problems). When you see your medical practitioner with certain physical symptoms, the doctor wants to make a diagnosis and may therefore request special investigations, like X-rays, a CAT-scan, blood analyses, urine analyses, etc. Having received all the results, he makes a diagnosis and the diagnosis directs his medical treatment. In Medical Hypno-analysis, the same principles are used, but as applied to psychological problems. In Medical Hypno-analysis, specialized psychological techniques are used to analyse both the conscious and unconscious mind to discover the underlying cause of the patient’s problem. These specialized techniques include a detailed life history questionnaire, a word association exercise, dream analysis, age regressions, etc

Based on the information retrieved from the subconscious mind, the diagnoses made in Medical Hypnoanalysis include things like the feeling of not belonging; not being loved, emotional immaturity,inappropriate guilt, feeling dead, depression, Anxiety etc.

In Medical Hypnoanalysis the aim is to discover the initial sensitising event (where the weed landed in the soil) and to destroy it, roots and all.

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