Fears and Phobias

Phobias and fears are common.  People are afraid of elevators, spiders to heights, and dentists, operations, other people etc. We can develop anxiety or phobias about anything. That is how powerful our minds are. And that is why Hypnotherapy is so successful and effective in curing these problems. It provides deep relaxation which is the opposite of anxiety.  Through hypnotherapy the mind learns a new way of responding to the feared object or situation. The subconscious mind learns to protect the person in the correct way.

We are not discussing all fears in this document. You are welcome to contact me if you need more information. I attend to whatever your problem is.

“Obstacle” (Symptom / Event / Behaviour / Emotions) Description & How Hypnotherapy can help you
Stage Fright / Fear to do a speech in the classroom You’re on stage or in front of the whole class, the audience / class is waiting and expecting you to perform but you are scared. It feels as if your mind goes blank. You feel your tongue is stuck!  An overblown fear response is tripped up what you know you can do, because you’re practiced very well. You know exactly what to say and do, but now you can’t.  The effects of anxiety include difficulty in thinking, problems talking and inhibition of fine motor movements, many elements of performance suffer, such as singing, holding a microphone, or even drinking a glass of water. That fear is in reality not required at all, because the situation is not physically threatening.  However, that knowledge is intellectual whereas it is your instincts that need to get the message.  Hypnotherapy is the best way to comfortably re-train the instinctive part of your mind.  It will enable you to relax to just the right degree so that you can gain true satisfaction from performing and enjoy your next appearance.



(fear of enclosed spaces)

Claustrophobia (he fears of enclosed spaces) is a terribly debilitating condition.  Many think that it only involves elevators or other small spaces, but people who suffer from it can be overcome by claustrophobia in a large space. The problem tends to spread so that people find they are thinking ahead to avoid any situation that might trigger their claustrophobia, limiting their life experiences. Hypnotherapy will ‘retrain your brain’ to be as comfortable in enclosed spaces so that it doesn’t need to generate anxiety responses for you.  It is so effective it keeps you calm and relaxed while distantly reviewing any difficult situation or experience. Through hypnotherapy your mind learns to respond differently.  You will begin to feel different about the thought of situations that used to be frightening, and going back into them will feel comfortable.


Anxiety and Fear in general

Fear of e.g:

Needles, death, heights, crowds, cancer, dogs, rejection, dental treatment, operation, exams, paranoia, wedding, failure, success, financial failure, failure, conflict, water, spiders, snakes, dark, aging, heart attacks, illnesses, etc.

Anxiety or fear is usually generated by an unconscious response to the ‘misuse’ of the imagination.  Basically, the ‘back part’ of the mind is getting the message from the imagination that something bad is going to happen, and so creates a state of readiness in the mind and body, which is anxiety. That is why you sometimes feel that your thoughts and emotions control you, rather than the other way around. This is where hypnotherapy comes in very effectively. Whatever the fear / anxiety, whatever the reason, the mind can learn to relax and take things as they come.  Fear and anxiety hypnosis sessions work through enabling the person to enter a calm and relaxed frame of mind, the unconscious mind can learn to ‘re-set’ its responses to things back to normal, allowing you to enjoy every day with less anxiety, and more comfort.  Stop unnecessary anxiety bothering you. Enjoy life! Whatever you’re scared of, we you can get rid of that fear.

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