Emotional Problems

Maybe you are suffering from emotional problems. There are so many. We all have our “bad days.” Life has its ups, and downs. If your emotional health is good, you bounce back or cool down within a day or two. When facing emotional stress, it may be enough to find someone to listen to you, perhaps a friend, a relative, minister or co-worker. If emotional problems persist and become more intense, you need to contact a therapist or psychologist. You may not be sick but you need some help from others. If you deal with emotional problems before they build up to a crisis, you don’t have to endure the problems and stress as long. Also, the earlier you seek help, the quicker you feel better about yourself.

Obstacle (Symptom / Event / Behaviour / Emotions)

Description & How Hypnotherapy can help you

Childhood(Bad memories) You remember that you haven’t been a happy child. Sometimes it feels as if your childhood is an obstacle in your way of living the life you want to live. You want to live your dreams, but it feels as if you get in the past and that prevents you from living your dreams. You realised that, although you can’t change the past you have to change something now. To do that you need help. You actually know that you only have to let go of the past. This is where hypnosis will help you to work through those difficult times, find distance from those experiences and to give you the opportunity and space to focus your energy on a successful, rewarding, positive and satisfying future.
Rejection(As a child / divorce / relationship ended / loose of job / retrenchment / retirement) At any stage of your life you could experience rejection. When a child’s parents get divorced he/she feels rejected. When you yourself go through a divorce or a relationship disappointment. When you lose your job, or you have to go through a retrenchment, or it’s your time to retire.

Sometimes you feel rejected by people who don’t know that they are doing it to you. Sometimes it happens before or during birth. Nobody is really responsible for it, but at that stage this was your perception. We are prisoners of our perceptions, and this is here that hypnotherapy can help you to get perspective around your perceptions and help you to resolve your problem.

You will be assisted to change your perceptions and thought processes to positive thoughts and emotions. It changes the bad memories into learning opportunities. Hypnotherapy will help you to heal the pain, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, anger, guilt, fear, sadness and separation.  You will get back your sense of being important and strong.

Abuse(Physical / Psychological / Emotional / Spiritual / Sexual)



After / During any type of abuse you experience pain (physical or psychological), you feel rejected, not good enough, and your experience destruction in all areas of your life.

Hypnosis will help you to work through the pain and bullying which you experienced. You will be assisted through hypnotherapy to recover the damage done to you, to heel and become a strong person in your own right. You’ll be able to make positive decisions and stick to it with a very good and strong self-esteem and confidence.

Suicidal thoughts and behaviour / Self-harm / Life threatening thoughts and behaviour Maybe you feel as if you don’t want to live any longer, that you don’t contribute anything positive to the important people in your life, that their lives will be better without you. Or, emotionally you are hurt, and by harming / hurting yourself physical, you will not feel the emotional hurt so intensely. You believe that you need to be punished very badly. Now you want to do it yourself. Self-harm can become an addiction and a habitual and repetitive pattern of behaviour. It is very dangerous.

In hypnosis subconscious will help you to find the origin of your desire not to live / to hurt yourself. And the obstacle could be taken away. You will get perspective to handle any challenging situation positive and constructive in the future without a desire not to live / to hurt yourself. You will take control of your own emotions, thoughts and behaviour, and you will enjoy life.

Depression(Including Post-Natal Depression) Common symptoms of depression include frequent crying, low mood and anxiety, restlessness, sadness or frustration, irritability, guilt and anger. A depressed person may lose interest in normal social interactions or activities, experience low sex drive, poor appetite, unintended weight loss, back pain and headaches. Sleep patterns may change, with depressed persons sleeping too much or not enough. Distraction and poor concentration, poor memory and indecisiveness as well as thoughts of suicide or death may accompany depression. Through hypnosis you get a quick break from this onslaught by deep relaxation. It gives your brain the rest it needs and partially restore your depleted resources.

Regular relaxation can help lift depression as part of a wider depression treatment program.Hypnosis will help you feel positive and strong about your future as depression starts to fade from your life.

Guilt Guilt is an automatic mental and emotional response to believing that we have “done something wrong” – i.e. we have violated someone’s rules about “proper attitudes and behaviour”. Guilt and shame usually occur together and feel similar, but have different roots. (This is a very important topic to discuss during a consultation.) Excessive guilt can be one of the most crippling of emotions and is a terrible burden to bear. Guilt stops you forgiving yourself and ties you to the past. Guilt is most often a learned pattern from when you were younger and can interfere with the development of emotional intelligence.

It also makes you less able to distinguish between guilt and regret, which is a crucial difference. Regret allows you to learn and move on; guilt just holds you in the past.

Through hypnosis you can get perspective around guilt and shame, and learn to refuse it and to be controlled by it.

Hypnosis can help you to:

  • determine more accurately what is within your responsibility and how to deliberately choose to let things go;
  • Stop going over and over things in your mind;
  • It will enable you to avoid being manipulated by those who use guilt on you (although people sometimes don’t even know they are doing it);
  • It will improve your relationship with yourself as you establish your own standards and live up to them, instead of other people.
Grief When you lose someone important to you, grief is a natural process. It can be very hard for a while. You find that everything reminds you of that person and that he / she is no longer with you. This is natural for a while and is your brain’s way of gently weaning this person out of your life.

If grief lasts for months or years without reducing in intensity then it is time to get professional help.

Hypnotherapy can assists with the process of dealing with grief so that you have more choices. This stops sad thoughts and recollections constantly interrupting your day to day life and means that it’s less pervasive and disturbing. ?

To truly remember someone is a great act of appreciation and respect and to go on and truly live your life can be an act of respectful remembrance.

Always Seeking Approval and pleasing others Approval from other people is very important to you. That’s human nature to feel that you are ‘getting along’ with those around you. You don’t like conflict, and feel very uncomfortable if you think others don’t approve of you. Getting the balance in place is tricky between pleasing others and valuing yourself.

Easily you can fall into the trap of believing that if you do what others want, they will be bound to approve of you.That ‘approval’ can manifest in many different ways. It might be ‘love’; permission to do certain things; a pass mark; keeping your job; not being abandoned. Whatever the manifestation, maybe you tend to interpret it as meaning ‘this person approves of who I am, so I must be good enough’.

If the approval is not forthcoming, maybe you tend to instantly conclude ‘I am not good enough’. Then you hand over your sense of self-worth to others and give them undue power over you.

Hypnotherapy can assist you to stop seeking approval from others and to reach right down to the unconscious roots of approval seeking behaviour patterns and pull them up. You may realize for the very first time what a terrible drain on your energy approval seeking has been.

It’s truly wonderful when that stops. As you take in the powerful therapeutic suggestions, you will find yourself effortlessly constructing a new ‘model of the world’ in your mind. You will hypnotically experience what it is like to get out there and be your own person, living your own life, in your own way. Discover your rightful place in the world. This is what you truly deserve.

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